Sleepwalking. Mexican bordertowns. Melted candle wax. A southwestern road trip. The Mulleavy Sisters of Rodarte managed to weave these ideas and images into their entrancing new collection. Their vision for Fall 2010 comprised of various pieces of knitwear, pops of floral patterns, and their signature crisscrossed swaths of silks. The highlight of the show, however, were the four haunting gowns - call it "ghostly bridal" - at the conclusion of the show. Against a backdrop of flickering candles, the models wearing the aforementioned gowns stood motionless by front of the walkway, waiting for the final walk. The stage lights dimmed and black lights flickered on, transforming those white bridal gowns into otherworldly apparitions. Not only do Kate and Laura Mulleavy know how to tailor gorgeous pieces of art -- they know how to produce lasting images that haunt and inspire. Watch the runway show and an interview with the designers at SHOWstudio and check out the entire collection at
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