"It's like the triple G's: Glam, goth, grunge. Like, what I'm wearing has the power to completely entrance you." I have to thank my pal Jamie for turning me to my favorite new reality T.V. show, Bravo's Kell on Earth, which follows fashion PR firm People's Revolution and its leader Kelly Cutrone. But for all I care, the show can simply follow Cutrone's assistant Andrew Mukamal around. He is the best part of the show. He said that quote above in regards to one of his fashion week oufits: a floor-length sequined gown paired with a flannel shirt, dark boots, and an artillery of silver hardware accessories. Also noteworthy in this post: Kate Lanphear, style director at Elle, with her signature platinum bob and coveted collection of studded and shiny accessories. Anyway, these two are now prominently pinned to my mental mood board, prompting me to build my own mass of threatening accessories. See you on the dark side...! (OMG I just realized this show is ON tonight!)

Looks (left to right):
1. Barcelona Fashion Week (Lookbook.Nu)
2. Kate Lanphear (Streetpeeper)
3. BARCELONE - davinia (Facehunter)
4. Andrew Mukamal (Streetpeeper, kinda old)

Some music. Oldies but goodies to go with this glam-goth-grunge feeling.

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