Last night, Marc Jacobs showed his Fall 2010 collection at the Armory. His show is undoubtedly one of the main highlights of New York Fashion Week - we look for the drama, the cohesive vision, the spectacular. This season seems a bit "safe" at first, but perhaps the tried-and-true feminine shapes and pastel palette are fitting for these times, when everyone wants to invest in key, lasting pieces rather than fast fashion looks. But there is something very refreshing about the demure hemlines and flats paired with ankle socks, considering the ubiquity of the tough chick look (see below).

Anyway, the first few looks - the demureness of it all? - reminded me of an English romance I've been aching to see: Bright Star. (Totally the wrong time period, I know.) Something about the palette and silhouettes of this collection that brings to mind the fields of bluebonnets. See the entire collection on
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