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I just came across this awesome Aussie designer, Karla Spetic. Her Autumn/Winter 2010 collection is titled "Dreamer" and I think it's a perfect name for the mute, pastel palate (though punctuated with exciting bits of bold orange). My favorite pieces of the collection are the suit and pants combo with illustrations by local artist Caitlin Shearer for a truly unique pattern (see above). It looks like, for now, all her stuff is Down Under. Let's hope her pieces become more widely available. Stateside, stat!!

Happy spring, by the way! (Well, it feels like it now.)
I was so inspired by the looks from last Friday's Fashion Playlist that I decided to make a style board of some of my favorite floral/pastel items from Threads and Shreds, and beyond! What are some of your picks for Spring?

1. Flower Power Blazer - $34.99 (Threads and Shreds)
2. Powder Blue Kitten Heels - $19.99 (Threads and Shreds)
3. Powder Blue Lace Fold-over Purse - $14.99 (Threads and Shreds)
4. Work to the Bow-ne Ring - $11.99 (ModCloth)
5. Printed Lace Floral Tights - $30.00 (Top Shop)
Pastels, florals, and everything spring-like that can drive away the horrible snow outside is everything I need to get my through this terrible time. Just makes me want to dream about picnics in Central Park, strolling along the UWS eating a Shake Shack burger, and taking in some free concerts. But while I wait, here's some light-colored eye-candy to inspire you for when it is actually warm enough to wear such things.

From left to right:

1. Once in a While
2. Petit Cafe
3. One of those days (looking warm while rocking the pastels, love it!)
4. Blog