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Yay for redheads! I just love how it pops against the black, and I take comfort in knowing at least one Asian can pull it off without looking like an anime character (GMH). Of course I picked these not just for the hair, but for the fashion. Nice mixes of feminine dress with blazers and leather, or in one case lace with a bold striped skirt. Some shopping for your inspiration: 1 2 3

Featured looks (Left to Right):

Underwear as Outerwear


Like history, fashion tends to repeat itself. I remember a few years ago thinking "The '90s will never make a come back," but lo and behold we've now got everyone substituting pants with leggings (including myself because they are just so comfy!). Above are some of the fashion trends from the last couple of decades that I enjoy: '60s mod, '70s high waisted bell bottoms, '80s poofy dress with bold prints, and what I like to call "flannel chic" (Mary-Kate Olsen does it so well) from the 1990s.

Get these styles here:
Yoyo Pan and Michelle Wu have created one of the most sculptural and intricate pieces of art for their footwear label Heavy Machine. Between the two, the design duo boast degrees from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Polimoda in Florence, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology from down under, and that makes perfect sense because it takes some crazy geniuses to conjure up shoes like these. Pan and Wu, now located in Taiwan, have already garnered some buzz in the fashion blogosphere, with adulation from U.K.'s Susie Bubble, Elle Taiwan and more. I'm smitten!
Check out their latest look book at their website and become a Facebook Fan here.

Oh Lily Allen how I love you. I followed you from your days on Youtube to seeing you play in Coachella 07 when I popped my music festival cherry. But I wish you would take off the cougar lingerie and put on some proper clothes (and pants). I'll even give up my "leggings are NOT pants" rule for you.
Yesterday was the 16th Screen Actors Guild Awards, and like any awards show, there was great fashion on the red carpets.
#1 Michelle Monaghan - I love this Calvin Klein beaded gown so much because of the sleekness, silhouette, and the subtle reference (in my mind) to the cover art of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures.
#2 Drew Barrymore - Dear Drew can look plain batshit crazy on the red carpet, but she keeps it sweet and darling in this tiered Monique Lhuillier confection.
#3 Diane Kruger - This is perfection. She wins back major fashion points after that Golden Globes magenta mess of Christian Lacroix. However, Diane is missing one important accessory here: her boy Joshua Jackson.
#4 Anna Paquin - Walk, walk, fashion baby in Alexander McQueen! (Speaking of McQueen, I am seeing GaGa tonight!)
#5 Meryl Streep - She took a chance in this printed frock, and it pays off. Stunning.

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As an avid shopper and an obsessive virtual window shopper, it is surprising that I am rather confined to designers on this side of the globe. Call it an irrational fear of pining for something so distant and inaccessible. But when I stumbled upon Barcelona-born Gemma Degara, I couldn't help but start a long-distance romance. Beautiful and infinitely wearable, her clothes exude an effortless cool. Nature prints + lovely draping = I'm sold. And lucky for me, she sell's on Etsy! Check out her past and present collections here.
Frankly, I'm obsessed! There has been an explosion (ha!) of awesome sunglasses in the random mailers sent to my inbox. For now, I'll put on the A. J. Morgan shades I got a while ago from In God We Trust while I pinch some pennies for the goodies above.
1. Karen Walker - Invisibility Sunglasses
2. Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow
3. Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow
4. The Row - Cat Eye Sunglasses

Every year I watch the big award shows not so much to see who brings home the trophy but to oggle at pretty dresses and shiny accessories. I was planning on showcasing my top 5 favorite dresses at this year's Golden Globes but to my dismay I couldn't even find 5 dresses that I liked enough to put forth my photoshopping efforts. Seriously, did everyone call each other up beforehand and planned to wear ugly shit? So here I am playing fashion police and giving you, in my humble opinion, the top 5 worst dresses at last Sunday's Golden Globes.

#5. Jennifer Morrison wears a deli meat dress by designer Luis Antonio.
#4. Leona Lewis in a gown by Roberto Cavalli looking like she's about to crash a high school prom held in a dimly lit gym.
#3. Sofia Vergara wearing Carolina Herrera... or a long window curtain.
#2. Tina Fey looks a bit ridiculous in this Zac Posen tea party dress. DEAL BREAKER, LIZ LEMON!!!
#1. Julianne Moore, did you make this dress yourself? Just, wtf.

Here's hoping for something a little less fug at the Oscars.

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