TGIF people, lets get the weekend started off right. This week I was really feeling the military look (not unlike the BB Dakota Battalion Jacket that keeps popping up), dark bold statements, and rosy-cheeked, floral/blazer combos. Pretty much culminates into The Libertines, KaiserCartel, Arctic Monkeys, Calvin Harris, and Lauryn Hill for me. Check out the tunes by clicking play below while laying into some end-of-the-week fashion eye candy.


Featured looks for this week (from left to right):
1. Orchestra With A Twist
2. Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed
3. Because I Was Bored In Class, Mr. Harvey!
4. Variations of Green
Ornate, draped numbers brought a breath of fresh air to some Fall/Winter 2009 collections. This fall, stand out among dark knits and the usual autumn garb with delicate, strategically ruched and draped patterned pieces. For the bolder lot, try shimmery dresses like the first and fourth look, both Balenciaga. To tone it down, you can test out a muted palate, like the gorgeous 3.1 Phillip Lim stunner (center left) or the whispery Isabel Marant look (center right). Channel the fancy dress look with our own Art Deco 80s Silk Gown at Threads and Shreds.
Oh, Chloe. The simplicity of these designs are what draws me to them. It's all about the fitted lady suits, shirt dresses, and bling bling pants. Harem pants always make me think of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. It's out with the skinnies and in with the... big and poofy? You'd think shiny gold poofy pants would look gaudy, wouldn't you? Instead, this model from Chloe's Spring 2009 collection looks classy and sassy.

Feel like channeling the classy simplicity of Chloe and/or the badass-ery of Princess Jasmine? Today's your lucky day. Check out Threads & Shreds: 1 , 2

Having been away most of the summer abroad, I just got back to New York City. While unpacking and settling down for the summer, it hit me -- summer is nearly over! Where did it go? My friends tell me that summer in the city didn't even feel like summer because of the unseasonable weather. Anyway, this inaugural Fashion Playlist is a celebration of the fabled summer romance. More specifically, the lack thereof. Maybe it's not such a bad thing, as Cold Cave, my fave band of the moment, would attest. According to Phoenix's jingle, "Love ain't nothing but a sore." Still, be a romantic with feminine silhouettes - try a light cardigan over a floral dress or a simple and chic pencil skirt. Remember to brace yourself for the impending cold though. Unless you're one of the lucky ones, summer lovings will end as fall winds roll in. The chilly soundscapes of Xeno & Oaklander and Fever Ray are my go-to tunes for the dwindling days of sun rays. Transition into fall by throwing eye-catching items - like a checked blazer or bold print sweater - over lighter pieces.


Featured looks for this week (from left to right):
1. 123, Chic Chic Chic
2. Sophie in London
3. Lissy Truille in Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
4. Lefler Mill and Unsensible Shoes
Wear it as a top, wear it as a bottom, or wear it as a dress... the bottom line is: wear sequins! In the past, sequins were stitched on to clothing as a display of wealth. Nowadays, throw on a sequined top and you'll be the life of the party.

Now Playing: Really get your dance on in your sequined outfit with The Wombats, The Rakes, and Lady Gaga (w/e haterz).


From left to right:
1. Beth Ditto (of Gossip) jumps on the sequins bandwagon (and the "musicians who decide they can be clothing designers, too" bandwagon) by adding a purple sequined piece in her new clothing line for plus-sized ladies at Evans.
2. Spotted: B setting yet another trend by sporting a gold sequined cropped top and a green sequined pencil skirt. Looks like the rumors are true: sequins are most definitely a display of wealth. Cute. Can't say the same for that haircut, unfortunately. (I still love you, Leighton!)
3. Taylor Swift rocking out in sequins! Who needs a Jonas when you look that good?

Check out this fabulous sequined party top at Threads & Shreds!

Floral prints, zippers, plaid, blazers galore! Charlotte Ronson proves once again that designers can produce very, very wearable pieces. Gotta love the simple pieces with a little extra side of BAMF (that's Bad Ass Motha F*cker). I can see myself rocking that purple zippered shoulder cut-off dress to an after party, or taking the detailed jet black blazer out on the town. Lastly, if there is one moral to be had, it's that you can make your outfit pop without the nu rave colors or pants pre-ripped to within an inch of their life. Yeah, I went there. Here's some items for inspiration: Uno, Dos, Tres!