Today, I wore my black leather Phi chunky "low heels" (...still 3.5" high, the platform version must be 6"), complete with nail details and a metal bow. In the spirit of leather and metal accents, I present you a post highlighting this latest fall trend. There are leather alternative for the vegetarian-minded (um, I am a bad vegan) like the Forever 21 leather skort and the Urban Outfitters faux leather moto. For those with a hefty shoe budget, feast your eyes on the Phi creeper boots ($995) and the Sam Edelman "remake" of a Balenciaga '06 dream shoe ($345). Be creative, be edgy, be badass. See our take on leather with our Oh The Horror! Ankle Boots.

The Looks (clockwise from top-left):
1. Phi Creeper Boots
2. Phi Fall/Winter '09 Runway Look
3. Urban Outfitters Faux Leather Moto
4. Sam Edelman Zoe Boot
5. Forever 21 Leather Skort
Like they say, fashion is always ahead of its time. Here's Vivienne Tam's Spring 2010 collection that I've been greedily eyeing (gotta plan ahead even if spring is two seasons away). Loving the turquoise (surprise, surprise), sequins, and butterfly prints! What's more, these ladies are lookin' fierce with their netbook clutches! Seeing as I am updating from my very own brand new netbook at the moment (completely zoning out boring lecture class...), I very much approve. Check out some of our cute prints and vintage accessories (no netbooks unfortunately!) here:

It's been a while, but we have a spanking new item in the store. Check it out!

It's New York Fashion Week right now! ...Which means New York Fashion Week street styles! For some fall inspiration, here are some of my favorite looks snapped at label parties and Fashion's Night Out shindigs. I love the eye-popping orange tulip hem dress St. Vincent (a.k.a. Annie Clark) wore for her performance at the Rachel Comey presentation. Next, we have an attendee at Vena Cava's carnival-themed party at Bird last night. Love the leather mini! When you're feeling flirty, try a sexy sheer blouse with masculine cropped pants, as seen on a Rachel Comey attendee: second from right, sports a sexy sheer blouse with masculine pants. Finally, leave it to London fashion blogger Susie Bubble for bold statements. I said it before, and I'll say it again: for fall, try unexpected splashes of color!

Featured looks for this week (from left to right):
1. St. Vincent
2. Leather mini
3. Sheer and menswear
4. Susie Bubble


Some tracks for this week, not particularly related to Fashion Week, but just on my mind lately: Tanlines (Brooklyn, what what!), Glasser, HEALTH and vintage Death from Above 1979.

Bow, Menswear
Alice + Olivia
Forever in Love

Gotta love that sassy chic that is Alice + Olivia's fall collection. Over-sized knitwear, rocker bows, and androgynous goodness. I'm loving the grey/black tiered dress with the large bow (second from right) and using elements of the 80s in a fashion-forward way. Definitely going to have to save up and splurge on some of these items (because college loans can stretch just a liiiiiiiitle bit farther right? right?). If you're looking to get inspired, try mixing up some of these classic elements in your wardrobe, vintage style. Like this bow dress, or ruffled blouse.

Summer is saying farewell but that doesn't mean you have to wave bye-bye to your colorful wardrobe. This fall, forget the usual fall palettes (mustard yellows and browns) because it's all about turquoise! Brighten up any outfit with this color and remember that just because the weather is getting dreary doesn't mean your wardrobe has to, too! Here's a little inspiration with Threads & Shreds' turquoise jacket!

Now Playing: Turquoise reminds me of M.I.A. 'cos you know that girl can rock out in any crazy outfit... and look amazing while doing so. The first song I've heard done by M.I.A. was actually her cover of Kaiser Chiefs' "Every Day I Love You Less And Less." Have a listen!



This whole summer I've been channeling my inner girly girl (not that it needed much channeling) and have fallen completely head over heels in love with floral prints. The only piece I am missing from my floral collection is a pair of floral print shorts. Anyone wanna hook a girl up? I've recently gotten into polka dots. Not crazy neon 1980s polka dots, but soft, feminine, classy polka dots. Perhaps a new love? However, as we transition from summer to fall, I am reluctant to let go of my summer wardrobe (mainly consisting of dresses and rompers).... but wait a minute, all I have to do is throw on a snazzy cropped jacket over a summer dress and a pair of tights and voila! Perfect fall outfit. Plus, this means floral cardigans! I'm excited for the season to come and the outfits to be worn!

Featured looks for this week (from left to right):
1. I Eat Flowers For Tea Time

Music Playlist of the Week: Celebrate the girly girl within you with Kate Nash, The Plasticines, Emmy the Great, and Cyndi Lauper.


Happy September, everyone! Consider the ladylike prints and shapes of Marni as you're packing away your summertime clothes and bringing back your fall / winter gear into your wardrobe. While the Fall / Winter 2009 collection was a superb exercise in "rich, dark layering of texture and iridescence," I very much love Marni because of the lighter patterns. Believe me, I will be winterizing my purple Marni shift (...I went all out shopping in tax-free Hong Kong) well into the dreary, cold season with thick colored tights and heavy cardigans. But yeah, I always support injecting some color and prints into your fall / winter wardrobe because it is always so much sunnier that way! Anyway, check out Threads and Shreds for our own Marni look for a fraction of the Marni price.