Today, I wore my black leather Phi chunky "low heels" (...still 3.5" high, the platform version must be 6"), complete with nail details and a metal bow. In the spirit of leather and metal accents, I present you a post highlighting this latest fall trend. There are leather alternative for the vegetarian-minded (um, I am a bad vegan) like the Forever 21 leather skort and the Urban Outfitters faux leather moto. For those with a hefty shoe budget, feast your eyes on the Phi creeper boots ($995) and the Sam Edelman "remake" of a Balenciaga '06 dream shoe ($345). Be creative, be edgy, be badass. See our take on leather with our Oh The Horror! Ankle Boots.

The Looks (clockwise from top-left):
1. Phi Creeper Boots
2. Phi Fall/Winter '09 Runway Look
3. Urban Outfitters Faux Leather Moto
4. Sam Edelman Zoe Boot
5. Forever 21 Leather Skort
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