Wear it as a top, wear it as a bottom, or wear it as a dress... the bottom line is: wear sequins! In the past, sequins were stitched on to clothing as a display of wealth. Nowadays, throw on a sequined top and you'll be the life of the party.

Now Playing: Really get your dance on in your sequined outfit with The Wombats, The Rakes, and Lady Gaga (w/e haterz).


From left to right:
1. Beth Ditto (of Gossip) jumps on the sequins bandwagon (and the "musicians who decide they can be clothing designers, too" bandwagon) by adding a purple sequined piece in her new clothing line for plus-sized ladies at Evans.
2. Spotted: B setting yet another trend by sporting a gold sequined cropped top and a green sequined pencil skirt. Looks like the rumors are true: sequins are most definitely a display of wealth. Cute. Can't say the same for that haircut, unfortunately. (I still love you, Leighton!)
3. Taylor Swift rocking out in sequins! Who needs a Jonas when you look that good?

Check out this fabulous sequined party top at Threads & Shreds!
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