To say that Alexander McQueen rocks is a great understatement. How can I even begin to describe his latest masterpiece of a collection? Those shoes! That make-up! Those digital prints! This Spring/Summer 2010 collection has a lot to digest and a lot to draw inspiration from.

Anyway, I forgot to put up some songs for my last post, so I'll insert one here. I have just seen three of these bands (kind of) during the WFMU Fest in Brooklyn, which I was photographing for The Fader. Pissed Jeans, on the venerable label Sub Pop, is friggin amazing live. Talk Normal is a promising new local band. Lydia Lunch is still as badass as ever. I'm throwing in a track by Zola Jesus, a.k.a. Nika Roza Danilova, another prolific young musician who I want to be BFFs with.


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