Being in a business school, I am accustomed to seeing people in suits every day. Talk about stuffy! Of course we all want to look organized, smart, and put together... but we want to dress to be comfortable and we want our clothes to reflect our (awesome) personalities. Three words: the boyfriend blazer. Loose enough to not feel restricted in it but not too baggy as to look like a bag lady. I am especially loving the Silence & Noise boyfriend blazer from Urban Outfitters (I have it in black) and the satin boyfriend blazer by Aqua. See? You can be srs biznezz and be stylish at the same time! Check out our vintage blazers here: 1 & 2.

(Warning: Do not actually wear your boyfriend's blazer. You will look like a fool/bag lady. Unless your boyfriend is only slightly bigger than you... then I say save yourself some cash and raid his closet!)

Featured looks:


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