Every year I watch the big award shows not so much to see who brings home the trophy but to oggle at pretty dresses and shiny accessories. I was planning on showcasing my top 5 favorite dresses at this year's Golden Globes but to my dismay I couldn't even find 5 dresses that I liked enough to put forth my photoshopping efforts. Seriously, did everyone call each other up beforehand and planned to wear ugly shit? So here I am playing fashion police and giving you, in my humble opinion, the top 5 worst dresses at last Sunday's Golden Globes.

#5. Jennifer Morrison wears a deli meat dress by designer Luis Antonio.
#4. Leona Lewis in a gown by Roberto Cavalli looking like she's about to crash a high school prom held in a dimly lit gym.
#3. Sofia Vergara wearing Carolina Herrera... or a long window curtain.
#2. Tina Fey looks a bit ridiculous in this Zac Posen tea party dress. DEAL BREAKER, LIZ LEMON!!!
#1. Julianne Moore, did you make this dress yourself? Just, wtf.

Here's hoping for something a little less fug at the Oscars.
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